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Redline Athletics Ballpark | McKinney

Redline Athletics

With a speed and agility training team of former athletes, we offer private lessons, semi-private and group training customized for every sport, and facility/space rentals.
As a parent, coach, or mentor of a young athlete, you know that it’s not just about developing their athletic skills, but also their character. At Redline Athletics, we believe that character development is key to helping young athletes become responsible, successful adults. So, what are the essential character traits that we focus on? We believe that character development is an ongoing process that requires dedication and commitment. Our experienced trainers work with young athletes to develop crucial character traits such as courage, attitude, effort, integrity, perseverance, sacrifice, coachability, leadership, composure, and compassion. These traits are not only important for becoming a successful athlete but also for becoming a successful person in all areas of life.

One of the Best Baseball Facilities in the Country

Benefits of Baseball Nation Tournaments

22,000 SQFT of Indoor Baseball Facilities
52 Acres of Ballparks
Conveniently located near Dallas, TX
12 baseball fields for all ages
Newly renovated playing surface

Hundreds of others around the country, choose to play at Baseball Nation facilities because of the family friendly atmosphere, well run tournaments, organized leagues and overall baseball experience.