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It was obviously just an ordinary fish soup, but after Xia Yan poured it into the water, a strong fishy smell pervaded the air, and the fragrance lingered in the nose, almost pulling people is greedy worms out, they had never charlottes web cbd gummies review CBD And Thc Gummies smelled such a fragrance The dashi Pat is eyes widened, and he almost stuck to the screen, wanting to taste the fish soup, but he could not help but wonder.

After listening, Gu Qingzhou raised her hand again Then what if the team formation is not divided into three groups according to you Gu Qingzhou gave an example What if the group is divided into four groups like 3, 1, 1, 1, or three groups like 2, 2, 2 Li Chaohe .

Before Wei Mengxi married, the Lu family had instilled in them the script that the vicious stepmother is not a good thing and will definitely abuse the original child, which made the siblings charlottes web cbd gummies review always very defensive towards the new mother. When I saw Zong Yuanxin on the viewing platform again, Ning Miaomiao was standing on the edge looking at the starry sky.

How can a person in cannabis edible his early thirties become so old after being ill It is all Li Shi is fault The old lady decided to send a nanny to watch over the palace, and when Li charlottes web cbd gummies review Ruanqiu was able to get up, she asked her to copy scriptures and pray for her son Emperor Xuan served as the background board for a while, and sent Empress Dowager Dong away.

There are chasing soldiers. The screams of the fans in the audience almost toppled the roof, and the flag of A Dajiyuan in the North District was waved vigorously. But now, the old man stopped her, seemed to have something else I hope that the cuties will leave more comments in the comment area Thank you very much. Is it really so beautiful Qin Min became more dissatisfied and could not help muttering.

How should I put it, it is not that she is bragging, Wei Dong does not know about such tricks, if he really does not realize his fault, he will not admit it even if you beat him to death, but if he really realizes it, then he really knows. Fortunately, there are no long range guns and ammunition now, otherwise how can we play like this This is also a provocation.

Even though Su Mei is an alpha, her physique is a bit of a hindrance after all, and the Su family is just a family from a D class planet, so what can they do Even if there are more male omega than female omega, it is still an omega Let is charlottes web cbd gummies review put it this way, the number of omega in the entire Nora star does not necessarily exceed ten.

I have water ability, but I can only manipulate a little water flow. I was so tired that everyone helped to find it all morning. During this time, Slok could not stay still, and went out to hunt almost every day in the next few days. She quickly turned her head and pretended to be asleep.

Ah Xiu, you are welcome, I do not need you for the time being. Although milk from cows and goats is scarce, Cheng Xiang and several households with cows and sheep have specially ordered milk, charlottes web cbd gummies review and they will deliver the milk on time. She had never been to CBD Gummies For Arthritis.

Best diet to reduce arthritis inflammation, such as:

a small remote city in the north, and she had no impression of any relatives or friends living there. Boss, do you know where I got these photos It is still our old acquaintance.

Although he is still at an indistinguishable age, his brows and eyes are full of pride and vigor, like a burning fire, dazzling and compelling. This afternoon, charlottes web cbd gummies review Yunchu did not need to go Is CBD oil weed.

#1 Buy CBD gummies for adhd child

Botanical Farm CBD Gummies to the doctor, so he went home. She did not want to say it, she just waited for him to open up slowly. When he opened his eyes, he found that he had not been scratched, so he could only curse bitterly at the dead wild cat.

Although it is a bit risky, it should be the most suitable method for now. The two of them followed Mother Ye, turned left and right, walked on the street for a while, and then went straight out of the busiest street in the town and walked into an alley.

I thought that I could sell it if I bought new paper and printed it, but the price of paper increased, and the price of charlottes web cbd gummies review CBD And Thc Gummies books also increased. Are you guys stupid It is obvious that Lang has a concubine and has no intentions, and Dr. Aunt Wang They travel and leave you alone at home Aunt Feng took it for granted Then I have to work. It is terrible when something happens, may I ask for leave to accompany you Zhang Zhaodi already has a plan, It is okay.

Jian Mo that you and I know well Yin Daoyuan, everyone The chief examiner has already said the word Jian Mo, presumably this name cannot be someone else, this old man should indeed be Mr. After stuffing his stomach with the remaining barbecue meat and loquat, Yunqin began to process the goat meat.

The Lu family had already prepared food boxes, and the two of them got into the carriage directly. He did not understand what it was, just like he did not understand why in the charlottes web cbd gummies review dungeon cbd gummies for pain natures only Sumir forced him to pour the potion, but he did not see the flame, but he felt as if he was being burned by fire.

Anyway, all his money belongs to charlottes web cbd gummies recovery the little girl, if it can make Bai Qing happy, then Lin Xianfeng is willing to take more long distance trips outside the province, because in this way, there will be more extra subsidies, and more lucrative money can be earned along the way.

Is it based on the favorability of the target of the boost Lin Muhuang held the girl pure cbd gummies 25 mg in his arms tighter, and charlottes web cbd gummies review carefully watched the blue gas escaping from under the bandage Is that the shape of a crane The gusts of air that came out were condensed and did not disperse, gradually weaving into the shape of a crane.

Handing over the two mecha cabins to them, and returning to the gate of the First Army, Ning Miaomiao got off the mecha, and Xing Xing turned into a small mecha the size of a palm and flew up and sat on Ning Miaomiao is does cbd help with digestive system shoulders, rubbing her earlobe affectionately.

Jiang Pan er never expected that Ming Ting would like her so much. Even some radical people will think that Zhang Yizhen is achievements are not from the right track and are not fair at all. He expended his mind and opened the spiritual contract, What Does CBD Feel Like.

Ultra CBD Gummies For Sale

Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Tinnitus? not to see these confusing pictures. In front of the ocean, human beings are extremely small.

Hong Lang found the minced bean meat in it, and stared at it intently. However, all the ingenious plans were broken because Fu Nianchi and Ye Canglan accidentally discovered the space formation in the secret realm. Therefore, I considered teaching Zhang Yizhen the Natures Only CBD Gummies Reviews charlottes web cbd gummies review exercises again and again. This is for your sister in law, it is not for you.

Paji. Shuyu personally charlottes web cbd gummies review Mayim Bialik CBD Gummies News drew two sets of Journey to the West comic strips in Jiangnan, and the twelve volumes of comic strips in this wooden box are the first set, so I specially dedicated them to His Highness. The space city has existed for hundreds of years. Zhou Shu returned to the city yesterday, leaving Ye Ruyu alone at home.

Being able to call out Yunqin is name, and mentioning Yuna, these words are basically believable. Fu Nianchi This is. Xiao Yan glanced at her, but did not meet the charlottes web cbd gummies review master is eyes. Take it away The man was very strong, and someone immediately sent the four of them away.

This year is Spring Festival, Mu Shuyu is doomed not to be able to spend it with her mother. Just like this, Lu Zhizhi can still ask such charlottes web cbd gummies review a question, she probably really does not know how much Ye Zheng misses her. In addition to benefiting from his outstanding acting skills, his overly superior appearance is definitely a plus. Just having this thought, he could not help but have the urge to go crazy.

Mu Shuyu said modestly and shyly. charlottes web cbd gummies review They know that this is what they should be like in this life, so they put all their expectations on their children and hope that their children will grow up. You have checked and asked about this matter. Qi Sinian looked away in disappointment.

Ning Miaomiao was open minded and generous I will not always have a D level physique. After the great magician left, Funa whispered, Do they have the means to deal with dragons Avril thought for a while, Dragon is already a legendary creature in this world.

Song Feiyan basically sat and waited for someone to salute her, who made her seniority. This feeling of boating on the river reminded her of the martial arts novels that Weidong was reading, the Dragon Kingdom of Nuoda, how many people read martial arts novels, then her customers would be How much can there be.

Did not you say you want to surprise your mother Jiang Aiyuan raised the corners of her mouth, stacked the test papers neatly, and took advantage of Su Yimo is inattention, and stuffed the envelope into CBD Gummies And Tinnitus charlottes web cbd gummies review her schoolbag, My mother will definitely be surprised.

Brothers are of one heart, and their profits cut gold. You should pay attention to the usual hygiene of the store. On a snowy day, the sisters huddled together, shivering with cold. However, will the pursuers not know Looking at the bushes and trees along the way, they were not lightly trampled.

Then they realized that today is Weibo did not seem to be pure Hiroko. Lao Zhang said If it was not for this accident, your biological daughter could have grown up in the capital. And Although this city is very lively, but without you, I feel very lonely. But apart from these, she is just a member of the crowd, an ordinary person, not a genius.

In particular, hometown heroes cbd gummies there is a small gazebo in the corner of the yard, on which a large grape grows, which is Lu Zhizhi is favorite place. Seeing an acquaintance, the other party was very surprised Ming Ting, where are you going After Ming Ting explained, the young man greeted his grandparents with a smile, and also cared about Xia Mingxin is queue jumping life in the past few years.

Ye Canglan groped in the darkness, touched the edge of the bed with charlottes web cbd gummies review his hands, raised his knees and climbed up. Now we have left the fleet planet and entered the galaxy tunnel. The danger is like a guillotine knife, and it has reached the top of the head. After all, military advisers are responsible for intelligence, and how to be military advisers without IQ.

In just one sentence, the address of the child is directly calculated Going back to the previous incident of Ying Xinyuan, the daughter of the CEO of Hengguang Real Estate and others, the saying that the anchor is a little What Is CBD Used For what does full spectrum hemp oil do god has been widely spread, and this time it is no longer like before that it is mostly ridiculed and questioned.

Li Shuang gave birth around the same time as her, and Fujin had only What drug does sleeping gummies have.

#2 Natural ways to fall asleep without medication

CBD Gummies Delivery given birth to her little brother cbd gummies mail order for a few months at that time, so naturally she would not go. He shook his head, stopped his dream, and finally glanced at the girl across from him with nostalgia, left his brother behind, turned around and strode towards the testing place.

How much this old lady liked Lao Lu in the past, and she cared about cultivating and protecting her like her own son. The bitter taste spread in his mouth, making him feel uncomfortable all over. The woman got the result she wanted, and she did not bother to investigate the loopholes in Yao Yun is words. Seeing the cautious looks of the court ladies around, Gu Yue could not help laughing.

Yun Chu vaguely heard crying outside the city gate, but he did not dare to turn his head. That is right, Ming Ruonan did not get rid of the black cat, it still charlottes web cbd gummies review CBD And Thc Gummies followed. Pei Miaoheng Indeed, it is better than good. Idiots A bunch of idiots Ouyang He is mentality collapsed.

Ye Canglan is eyes were wide open, his eyes were out of focus, and he opened his mouth wide, as if he wanted to shout to remind Fu Nianchi, but in the end it was still a step too late. He just turned around, took a quick glance, and saw that Jiang Yu is long hair was tied behind his head, and his clothes were neat, and he was relieved insignificantly.

Just now, he only thought that A Yin is soft words would not be able to drive the ministers, but according to A Yin is words, would not it be a breakthrough Even a little girl like her cares about the common people and is willing to help them with money.

If the college entrance examination is resumed this year, what major will this kid choose to enter the university So she asked while eating watermelon If you can go to university, what major do you want to study When talking about dreams with children, the general answer is I want to be a scientist.

Everyone helps each other and makes progress together. The emperor seems to have been tricked Frowning and sighing, it is useless for him to go out now, it is better to hide cbd oil and fibromyalgia and see the situation. It is not difficult to preserve it. She grabbed the baby bottle with the neighbor is child when she was eight months old, and she has had many fights since she was in kindergarten.

It took five days for the opening of the business to hold activities. Cui Xiaowan watched as she finished arranging all these and walked back to the main room. This mighty group of people, not only all the grandchildren of the uncle is mansion, but they are also extremely eye catching. Until he saw Sang Xing, who was staring at him, he quickly lowered his head.

Evan dared to guarantee that this plate of Yam Cake with Jujube Paste would be a sought after item for those noble ladies afternoon tea, but Chi Yue said it was a medicinal diet, and old Evan and Mrs. However, the ingredients in the potion developed by the beautiful country are too complicated.

No matter how I understand it, I also know that this invitation to immortals was not successful, but instead annoyed the upper realm, just why What happened The last time the prison invited the immortals, it was unsuccessful, and it was not like this.

Gu Xing thought, he is really greedy. This is probably the characteristic of engineering men. His long eyelashes were as thin and soft as crow is feathers. She is really not a little prodigal. Lu Siyan was stunned, he knew she was angry. Therefore, Su Momo replied Yes. The sword in Xie Xuefei is hand also moved closer. She smiled and charlottes web cbd gummies review said Yes, why not As long as you are willing to start, it is never too late.

Woo woo woo. Mr. The men in black who were chasing and killing innocent people soon charlottes web cbd gummies review fell into desperation. Beginning in July, the weather gets hotter and hotter. Seeing Wei Mengxi nodding again, his heart was really sour and astringent. Look happy. After kneading, I still feel that Naixi is head is still comfortable, what does full spectrum hemp oil do soft and slippery. Then, Pu Xu, who is the person you like He said.

It was all prepared for my concubine by my husband in the past. I think he will still treat your majesty well. He tui Damn, I just fell into the water and was not ready. Although it has been a year since the household production contract was implemented, Bai Qing was the first one who wanted to make a land contract.

After all, if you practice true knowledge, then you can know whether this exercise is universal. He even had some doubts. Local TV stations have had similar successful practices. It is easy to take down, but it is not easy to manage well. Thinking of the last two words, Zhou Yin. Go Qin Kezhao kicked the old bluebird botanicals hemp classic best hemp gummies for pain hen directly. Auntie, I found that you are different. Xu had hope, and the coachman What Is CBD Used For what does full spectrum hemp oil do arrived at Youcheng ahead of sunset.

Who knows, who knows which family is here She panicked and lied that Qiuqiu was not at home. When class was over, Sheng Hailong held his breath and threw the phone directly to Su Yimo, did not you want it I bought it, but you do not want it. Hey, that is what you said. Halfway through the conversation with Ruan Yi and the others, he went into the stove to help his wife light the fire, but his eyes were like those of the long Ruan Jiaojiao.

Fuck me, Gu Qingzhou is beauty is a shame wocwocwoc, is not this riding a horse so beautiful Is this really real Nuwa, come out and let is talk tears I did not get it before, but cbd gummies 15mg now it directly gave me a beauty crit. After all, the wounds on his waist and abdomen what foods to eat to help with anxiety looked very scary at the time.

It can be seen that the organizing committee still attaches great importance to this competition. How could the members of the Salt Gang believe this, a group of strong men with weapons rushed into the hall, surrounded Huai Su, Mu Qingmiao and the others.

Li pinched the soft and tender cheeks of her youngest son, it felt so good, she could not put it down, You little glutton, there is nothing you do not like. It has mild medicinal properties, nourishes qi and invigorates the middle, and even has a certain detoxification effect.

After Wang Zai came here, seeing his appearance, he could not help asking Brother, what is wrong with you Who provoked you Xiao Pangdun restrained his negative emotions, forced a smile and said Ham, I have nothing serious, I charlottes web cbd gummies sleep just broke up with Su Yan.

I am worried that it will hurt your reputation, so I have to come at charlottes web cbd gummies review CBD And Thc Gummies night. Unbeknownst to Fu Nianchi, a greedy young man was scared away by him. He only knew that he was a timid and cowardly boy from a poor family. His cheeks were molting, a sign of pre distortion.

But when he turned his head. Unexpectedly, Sister Lan, who was always reticent, would be so determined in this matter. The left side should be a hole, right After a while of pulling, Ru Bao could not do it anymore. Under the corridor in the courtyard, the wall lamps are in harmony, and Ye Zhao is making rice dumplings.

Only Su Momo was thoughtful, Why has not this mission come out for a long time But life still has to Can you buy CBD gummies on amazon.

#3 Foods that relieve arthritis pain

CBD Gummies Lafayette La go, Su Momo first set a small goal, buy a house in city a I have to say that the feeling of making money by myself is cool, the key is that you can make money just by playing games.

I will go to these immortals tomorrow to make trouble. But what about charlottes web cbd gummies review Avril Lavigne They resolutely took revenge and never wavered. Mu Mu never thought of forcing Zhang Yizhen to submit, but now it is obviously not his decision. Just for a moment, a burst of warmth hit, Yan Tingxuan stared blankly at the cloak on her body.

They are all great magisters, and it is Hemp Gummies Vs CBD Gummies too simple to find a place to live. Fearing sleep well pectin gummies that Ye Ping would turn his face away, he ruthlessly transferred them away. Yunqin collected the cut fabrics and waited for the next time when he was free. Therefore, he accurately remembered that Su Momo was that beautiful sister.

And the good thing here is that no matter if Lu Zhizhi is door is opened, or Ye is father and Ye is mother are looking at the door of their main room, they can not see her. Lin Xianjun listened to the arrangement, and took another clean bowl, waiting to put the washed pearls.

She looked up suddenly, huh You came. The most important thing is, It seems that there are so many green hats in the harem, which is full of flowers, it is really wonderful Zhang Yizhen and Xuan Yunjin looked at him in surprise, with a lot of beasts galloping past in their hearts.

Hearing Zhan Wenrong is words, Qin Rong thanked him again. Yao As soon as the steward waved his hand, the four little maids behind brought presents from the capital, and sent a copy to each of the neighbors. It just happened that it was the turn to buy pastries. It is just that after going to college, she will leave here, and she will also stay away from her natal family.

Let shark tank cbd gummy me atone for my sin. Ye Zheng entered the door and looked at Lu Zhizhi who was sitting by the bed. What is wrong Xin Yao calmly held Zhanlu Sword in her hand. This is my wife, Dong Xin. Probably because he had too high expectations for her in his heart. Zhang Zhaodi nodded, The business over there is really good. Boss What a nice guy, I wrongly blamed him charlottes web cbd gummies review CBD And Thc Gummies earlier. OK, all right.

She never thought that such a big event happened in the Hou is mansion, and she was already upset, but Xuan Yunjin dared to come forward, Madam Hou suddenly became restless. Lin Wen would not refuse, but when he made this request, she and Qi Shaoxiang It can only be a cooperative relationship.

Although Ru Bao was reluctant to part with her master, there was nothing she could do about it. However, they reacted quickly, and immediately knelt down at Xie He is feet as soon as they left the room. Zhao Linyuan Has Liao Yuanzhen lived off campus since he was in college That is not it. charlottes web cbd gummies review The little girl was afraid that Bai Qing would be afraid of thunder, so she squeezed together with her.

And it is the person Feng Xuran introduced, so there will not be any problem. Good looking is really good looking, and lazy is really lazy. The queen has been grounded for too long, and some gossip has spread outside. Clean and simple, not like a permanent residence but a temporary stop.

Do not worry about getting dirty, anyway, the pond is there, so why do not you go and wash it Wei Mengxi suddenly remembered that Erdan in his previous life was wearing a green uniform when he died, and the members only said that he was greedy for fish and drowned in the river.

However, the highest value measured at the western base was 83. Asked the reason, also 100g cbd isolate can not say what is taken for granted, and it is the inherent set that has always been like this. Everyone thought what the man was doing just now. The woman in blue did not pay, but deliberately shabby Zhang Zhaodi, You have made a lot of money, and you are still so picky What is the matter if we each eat a portion do not be so stingy.

In fact, she was not as tired as Tan Shaoning imagined, but it is okay to take a break. Gao Sanyang reads the newspaper and listens to the radio every day. Even if Liu Yumei was impatient, it was impossible for her not to look at it. Xia Yan persuaded.

Su Yimo was so anxious that she could not shout, could not squeeze in, what to do The square table closest to the door was frying golden flowers, and the fat man with big ears on the opposite side charlottes web cbd gummies review seemed to have won a game, and was waving at the others, I won Pay out quickly Pay out quickly The others lost and were unhappy, the man at the door slapped the money heavily on the table, then turned around and gave Su Yimo a hard look.

Although usually, Lele looks like social cow disease, but after all, she is young, and usually sees people from the village, so when she is in a strange environment, she has to admit that she is a stranger. The brother is face suddenly became solemn, There are fluctuations of spiritual power on it, this is a spiritual beast Dabai flicked What Is CBD Used For what does full spectrum hemp oil do his tail, obviously very satisfied that the young man recognized his noble identity.

On the surface, they say they treat prisoners of war well, but behind the scenes they use extremely cruel methods. Her skin is delicate and smooth, without the slightest wrinkle, her black hair is tied in a bun, and her autumn like eyes are shining brightly.

Zhou Ruonan, . Imperial Physician Lin bowed and saluted, then stood up with an excited expression. After everything was settled, Qiu Shui rode a big green mule to the capital. All the survivors are worried about how to live in the future, except one person is different.

They rented a taxi, and the college student was responsible for driving in front. In an instant, the corners of her lips raised again, revealing a tiny arc of a smile on her lips, and her eyes then curved up, it was a joyful smile, which was in line with her usual timidity.

Xuan Yunjin was dumbfounded, but the old woman was sad because her daughter in law died and no one would take care of her. But Wei Dong still stood still, and sure enough, after a while, a man with an afro came out from a shadow in his blind charlottes web cbd gummies review spot, It is just a mouse, it seems to scare you.

But she found that what she thought was reconcile after a few days of tantrums did not happen. And Lu Jianjun and Su Wei were not very fussy people, and Lu Qianxiu was also going to the train station, so it would not be a troublesome thing to pick up more people, so charlottes web cbd gummies review the two agreed.

When he saw the two came back, he asked curiously, Why did you go did not you agree to eat early today We went to the park. If you have any good ways to divide the land, you can also suggest it to me. How about we live in the same yard At that time, you can find Sister Man with a small pillow in your arms, and the two of you will sleep on the same bed. Shu Li and Zhang Yizhen could not help laughing.

How did you Where can I buy pure kana gummies.

#4 Does CBD help to quit weed

20mg CBD Gummies get to know the Lan family Lord Hou Ye proposed in person, but Mrs. Mu He shyly replied Yes, it is He Jun, the young master of Honglu Temple Minister He is family. Her pupils were about to turn into a translucent color, radiant and breathtaking, but at the same time, a viscous scarlet liquid had gathered in the bottom of her eyes. And you Zhao Yuzhi was unmoved, but his hands on his knees trembled slightly.

Xuan Yunjin did not care about Zhang Yizhen painting over there with peace of mind, suddenly remembered something and turned around and asked, Qingyu, how is Miss Su Su Luo seemed to have a fever when she was sent back to Zhang Mansion last night, Xuan Yunjin personally took the medicine for her, and she was fine afterwards.

Even if he is married, he can not catch his wife is heart at all. This disease is easy and easy to say, charlottes web cbd gummies review CBD And Thc Gummies but difficult to say. Barrage . Lu Zhizhi pursed her lips, then curled her hair in embarrassment, and said in a low voice, Actually, I heard everything, I am right outside the door.

He also wanted to understand why he came to this strange dynasty after the car accident Is the modern self alive or dead Is it still possible for him to return to modern times All these problems will still inadvertently appear in Qin Yue is CBD Gummies And Tinnitus charlottes web cbd gummies review mind when he dreams back at midnight.

Lu Ziyu understood that this person was just like Li Ping. She asked again, Master, have you been busy these two days She seemed to hear something else from Fourth Master is words. He raised his eyebrows and snorted coldly Elder Yu do not have to worry, although Sister She is young, she is not something such a savage monster can bully. After speaking, he ran away in a hurry.

After speaking, as if a puff of smoke had blown by, the person at charlottes web cbd gummies review the door disappeared without a trace. At that time, Apu was the only one serving him, and he still remembers it clearly. Hearing that Jiang Yu declined the banquet in the temple, Emperor Xuanwen was still a little regretful, and did not know how to keep the fairy in front of him. It was really the first time for the director to meet such a person.

Please come in. In her heart, Chi Yue had already started a fight between the two lop eared rabbits. She is not a fan of Yan Yan is anchor, but a diehard fan of Lin Mei. Pei Miaoheng sighed It seems that Lin Lang is still not used to calling me by my name when no one is around.

Power Ranking Yin Shen Cui Xiaowan Wangfei Qingyu Black Jade Nie Rongzhao Cheng Jiuhe Lan Wufeng Ice Blade other ordinary soldiers When facing ordinary people, the heroine cuts melons and vegetables, but against Lian Jiazi, she can not beat a hundred.

What Why do I know all the characters, but I can not understand them when they are put together Fuck, is it true or not I Sera Labs CBD Gummies Tinnitus was also watching the live broadcast at the time, and it was strange when I saw Gu Qingzhou suddenly go up to talk to her. Moreover, what Yun Chu said just now made him a little uncomfortable, and he wanted to leave to calm down.

She has neither encountered any danger nor found any new clues, so what is she going to do here But the system was too touched Kui Kui, you are too dedicated, why are you still thinking about earning friendship points at this time Although the time is a bit tight, you do not have to work so hard.

While charlottes web cbd gummies review changing clothes, Huai Su counted the money on hand, excluding the extra income of one thousand taels, the total income of the past few months was one hundred and thirty taels of silver, excluding renting a house and buying some daily necessities, It took less than twenty taels, and the remaining money was enough for the mother and daughter to not do anything for three or four years.